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Latest News Articles

Pro-Vitamin A maize first for South Africa

Dr Aleck Kondwakwenda was on track to become a soil scientist, when he became fascinated by the idea that the nutrient content of crops could be boosted through plant breeding.

Prof Shimelis does training in 3 African countries

The ACCI’s deputy-director, Prof Hussein Shimelis, a regional expert in mutation breeding, travelled to three African countries recently to to share his knowledge.

Possible role for ACCI in SA dryland rice initiative

The ACCI’s Prof Mark Laing and Dr Isack Mathew attended a high-level meeting in May to discuss the production of dryland rice in South Africa.

Making strides with groundnut CLSD resistance

One of the ACCI’s recent graduates, Dr Eluid Kongola, has produced research related to breeding for resistance to Cercospora leaf spot diseases (CLSD).

Stalwart retires after 15 years training plant breeders

Prof Rob Melis was in the first batch of staff recruited by Professor Mark Laing in 2003, a year after the centre opened its doors.

Prof Laing receives long-service award

Prof Laing recieved a long-service award from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, for his work and dedication to the university and students for the past 35 years.

ACCI visit to India cements bond with ICRISAT

The African Centre for Crop Improvement has been strengthening ties with an important international partner.

Promising results in two-fisted approach to tackling Striga on maize

The ACCI’s pioneering efforts to combat Striga, with a two-pronged approach that combines breeding and biocontrol, have yielded more encouraging results.

Symbiotic fungus dramatically enhances drought tolerance in maize

Increasing the level of Trichoderma, a fungus that occurs naturally in soils around the world, makes some varieties of maize more drought tolerant, as well as boosting yield and general plant health.

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